Described as “the best and probably most important community event held in Basingstoke”, the sixth annual festival ran this summer from Friday 16 June to Sunday 9 July.

Basingstoke Festival 2018

We are excited to announce that the theme for the 2018 Basingstoke Festival is ‘Art in Unexpected Places’. Have you got a creative idea buzzing around in your head? Get in touch with us to talk it through - we can help make your project a reality. If your event fits this theme, and includes some form of art, we may be able to include it as part of the Basingstoke Festival printed programme. We also promote all Basingstoke Festival in the Community events on the Basingstoke Festival website which fall within the three weeks of activity. No idea is too crazy! We want to reach out to the edges of the borough, uncover new events, unearth new talent and create a festival for everyone. Contact us: or call the Arts Team on 01256 844844

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